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Nature has the roots!

Today we have millions of Farmers across Africa engaging in farming and with agriculture being the backbone of almost every African community, we at Farming Society developed this new platform Farming Basket to enable farmers share resources and development using just their mobile handsets.

Farming Baskets trades as a free mobile app and has strong values in respect of farming communities in Africa and around the world. Our ethos has always been to help our farming members improve productivity and profitability by offering a whole range of products and services at no cost to all African local communities.

Over the years we have been developing applications, websites and other tools which can enable farmers buy and sell the products to other farmers within their community or other countries.

Our Values

Originated by, and for the benefit of farmers, our founding values have remained true to our beliefs and way of life; to put our farmer’s first, be courageous, show commitment, deliver knowledge, offer solutions and to be honest in everything we do.

Our values guide us in how we work as a business and shape the way we develop relationships with other African communities, suppliers, stakeholders and of course, all indigenous Africans across the world.